School of Engineering and Technology, (SET)

AT81.10 : Fundamentals of IC Packaging, Assembly and Test  3(3-0)

This course provides an overview and a comparison of electronic systems packaging technologies. It includes design; manufacturing; test; IC package assembly; thermal and reliability issues.

Catalog Description:

Overview of IC Packaging Technology. Manufacturing Considerations. Design Considerations. Electrical Test. Emerging Technologies.



Course Outline:
I.          Overview of IC Packaging Technology
What is IC Packaging?
IC Packaging Roadmap
Technology Driving Forces
Rent’s Rule
Hermatic vs. Nonhermatic Packages
Multidiscipline Issues
II.        Manufacturing Considerations
Die Attach Technology
Die Interconnect Technology
Die Coating
Plastic Package Manufacturing Process
Ceramic Package Manufacturing Process
Metal Can Package Manufacturing Process
Multichip Module
Environmental Control: ESD & Cleanroom Classification
Quality and Reliability Issues
III.       Design Considerations
1. Electrical
1.1        Reflection Noise
1.2        Crosstalk Noise
1.3        Switching Noise
1.4        Signal Attenuation and Dispersion
2. Thermal
2.1    Thermal Resistance
2.2    Heat Flow Mechanisms
3. Mechanical
                  3.1    Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE)
                  3.2    Thermal Stress and Strain Distribution Management
IV.       Electrical Test
1. Electrical PerformanceTesting
2. Electrical Test Methods
            3. Electrical Analysis
V.        Emerging Technologies
Ball Grid Array, Chip-scale package (CSP)
Flip Chip, Direct Chip Attach (DCA), Wafer Scale package (WSP)
3D Packaging
Known Good Die

Lecture Notes

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Electronic Packaging : Design, Materials, Process, and Reliability (Electronic Packaging and Interconnection), McGraw Hill, 1998
G. D. Giacomo:
            Reliability of Electronic Packages and Semiconductor Devices, McGraw-Hill, 1996
J. C Whitaker (Editor):
             The Electronics Handbook, 2nd edition CRC Press, 2005
Advanced Packaging Magazine, ISH Publishing Group (
IEE Transactions on Advanced Packaging
IEE Transactions on Electronic packaging Manufacturing
IEEE Transactions on Components and Packaging Technologies
Proceedings of the Electronics Packaging Technology Conference
Grading System:
The final grade will be computed from the following constituent parts:
Mid term project exam. (50%)
Final exam (50%).
Closed-book examination is given for final exam.