Prof. Kanchana Kanchanasut
Position: Professor
IntERLab Director
Country of Origin: Thailand
Email: kanchana@ait.ac.th

Ext: 5703

Academic Affiliation

Computer Science
School of Engineering and Technology

Areas of Expertise (Keywords)

Logic Programming


Ph. D. Computer Science, University of Melbourne, Australia.
M. Sc. Computer Science, University of Melbourne, Australia.
Graduate Diploma, Computer Science, University of Queensland, Australia.
B. Sc. Mathematics, University of Queensland, Australia.

Professional Experience

Real-time Computer Systems.
Computer Networking.
Computer Science Curriculam Consultancy.

Present Research Involvements

Programming Languages.
Computer Networking.

Research Interests

Constraint - Based Programming Languages.
Real-time Systems.
Computer Networking Applicatons.

Doctoral Research Supervision

Constraint Logic Programming Language with Real Intervals.
Constraint - Based Spatial Query Processing.
Network Hypermedia.

Selected Publications

Duong Tuan Ahn and K. Kanchanasut, "Arc--Consistency for Dynamic Constraint Satisfaction Problems Over Real Intervals", in Proc. IEA95AIE, PP. 247-254, Melbourne, June 1995.
Chandana Gamage and K. Kanchanasut, "IP Adresses for Low Bandwidth Network", Southeast Asian Computer Conference, September 1995, (to appear).
V. M. Malhotra, K. Kanchanasut and T. V. To, "An Improved Data-Dependency-Based Backtracking Scheme for PROLOG", Information Processing Letters, 31 (1989), pp. 185-189, North-Holland.
K. Kanchanasut and P. J. Stuckey, "Transforming Normal Logic Programs to Constraint Logic Programs", Theoretical Computer Science, 105 (1992), pp. 27-56, Elsevier Science Publisher.
K. Kanchansut, "A Shortest - path Algorithm for Manhattan Graphs', Information Processing Letters, 49 (1994) pp. 21-25, North-Holland.