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Dr Mousa M Nazhad

Position: Associate Professor , FoS Coordinator
Country of Origin: Canada
Ext: 6687

Academic Affiliation

Pulp and Paper Technology
School of Environment, Resources and Development

Areas of Expertise (Keywords)

Fiber structure
Stock preparation
Pulp processing
Nanotechnology in papermaking
Composting (Biodrying)


  • Post-Doctorate, Pulp processing, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada; 1996.
  • Ph. D. Fiber and Paper Science, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada; 1994.
  • Master Degree, Applied Physics, Concordia Univerity, Montreal, Canada,; 1989.
  • Bachelor of Physics (honor), Concordia University, Montreal, Canada,; 1986.

Professional Experience

1998-present: Associate Professor, SERD, Asian Institute of Technology (AIT),
2006-2007, Visiting scholar, Paper science and Engineering, The University of Washington, USA
2007, Visiting Professor, Pulp and Paper Technology, Science University of Malaysia (USM). Pinang
2004, Visiting Professor, Pulp and Paper Center, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
2001-present: Academic advisor, International Foundation for Science, Sweden
2001-present: Member of Scientists and Innovators in the Schools, Vancouver, Canada
2000-present: conducted extensive public seminars or training courses for Pulp and Paper mill engineers
2000-present: conducted different projects for either national or international companies
1996-1998: Research Scientist, Sonoco Products Company, Hartsville, SC, USA
1995-1996: Post-Doctorate Research Associate, Chemical Engineering Department, The University of British Columbia, Canada
1996 (short term): Visiting Scientist, Chemical Engineering Department, The University of Toronto , Toronto, Canada

Present Research Involvements

Biorefining based on lignocellulosic matterials
Waste handling using microorganisms
Developing of specialty papers for medical application
Modifying fiber surface properties using nanotechnology
Influence of fines in strength or optical properties of paper
Development of fines/fillers composites
Upgrading of secondary fibers
Parameters influenced in bending stiffness or compression strength of paper or board
Developing benchmark information on local raw materials

Research Interests

Waste biodrying
Papermachine wet end control
Physical and printing quality of packaging material
Application of nanotechnology on fiber surface modification
Papermaking quality of frayed fibers

Doctoral Research Supervision

Recycling and biodegradation of barrier coated boards
Upgrading fine paper properties using different retention systems
Studying the effect of cationic-anionic nanosilica system on retention and drainage
Using nanosilica - cationic starch system to develop OCC strength
Production of antibacterial filter paper from wood cellulose
Deposition of nanostarch on fiber surface using layer by layer technique

Selected Publications

(6 out of about 100 ) journal or conference publications)

  • Martin A. Hubbe, Mousa M. Nazhad,and Carmen Sanchez., Composting as a way to convert cellulosic biomass and organic waste into high-value soil amendments, A review, Journal of Bioresources, 5(4): 2808-2854 (2010).
  • Amir Khosravani, Latibari A.J., Mirshokraei, S. A, Rahmaninia M. and Mousa M. Nazhad, ' Studying then effect of cationic starch-anionic nanosilica system on retention and drainage', Bioresources journal, 5(2), 939 (2010)
  • Reza Imani, Talaeipour M., Dutta J., Ghobadinezhad M.R., Hemmasi A.H. and Mousa M. Nazhad, 'Production of antibacterial filter paper from wood cellulose', Bioresources Journal, 6(1): 891 (2011)
  • Navaee-Ardeh S. and Mousa M. Nazhad, 'A new model for maximizing the bending stiffness of a symmetric three-ply paper or board', Tappi journal, 28(2008)
  • Nazhad, M.M. and Sodtivarakul, S., 'OCC pulp fractionation-A comparative study of fractionated and unfractionated stock', Tappi journal, 3(1): (2004).
  • Nazhad, M.M., 'Is frayed-fiber a typical consequence of low consistency industrial refining?', The third Biennial Johan Gullichsen Colliquim, Helsinki, Finland, September (2001).


  • Great Award, Science Council of British Columbia, Canada
  • Industrial Post-Doctorate Scholarship, Research Council of British Columbia
  • Scholarship to study in Europe, National Research Council of Canada (NSERC)
  • Scholarship, Recycling Project, McMillan Bloedel Company, Vancouver. Canada
  • Member of TAPPI and PAPTAC since 1993
  • Advisor for 'International Foundation for Science (IFS), Sweden
  • Member of Scientists and Innovators in the Schools (SIS), Vancouver, Canada
  • Winner of Howard Smith award of Paptac Conference in 2007
  • Inventor of 6 different processes or products in the field of paper making technology
  • Reviewer of six different international journals
  • Some of his publications translated into different languages
  • Has over 100 journal and conference publications