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Prof Ganesh P Shivakoti

Position: Professor
Country of Origin: Nepal
Ext: 6369

Academic Affiliation

  • Natural Resources Management
    School of Environment, Resources and Development
  • Agricultural Systems and Engineering
    School of Environment, Resources and Development

Areas of Expertise (Keywords)


Ph.D.    1991 Michigan State University, East Lansing, USA,  Resource Development.
Diploma  1983   National Agricultural College, Deventer, The   Netherlands, Teacher Training  in Agriculture.
M.S.     1979 University of Udaipur, India, Agricultural Economics.
B.S.     1974 University of Udaipur, India, General Agriculture with  Dairy Science and  Agricultural Extension Electives.

Professional Experience

December 2006-date: Professor, Agricultural and Natural Resources Economics, AIT.

November 2000-2006: Associate Professor, Agricultural and Natural Resources Economics, AIT.

July, 2003 through January, 2004: Visiting Scholar, Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis, Indiana University, 513 N. Park, Bloomington, IN 47408-3895, USA

July 1995-date: Non-resident Scholar, Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis, Indiana University, 513 N. Park, Bloomington, IN 47408-3895, USA

June 2001-December 2004: Ford Foundation Grant Recipient for organizing an international Workshop at AIT and publication of a synthesis volume in “Asian Irrigation Institutions and Systems in Transition: Sustainability Implications” 

August, 1998 – November 2000: Visiting Faculty, Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics, AIT

December 1999-date: Co-director, Center for the Study of Rural Population and Forest Resources (RUPAFOR), AIT for conducting International Forestry Resources and Institutions (IFRI) research  and training in South and SE Asia.

December 1998- December, 2000: Associate Professor, Agricultural Economics, Institute of Agriculture, Tribhuvan University, Nepal

January, 1995 - July, 1998: Member: Faculty Board; Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science (IAAS), Tribhuvan University, Rampur, Chitwan, Nepal

January 1994 - July 1998: Co-Director, Population and Ecology Research Laboratory, IAAS, Rampur, Chitwan and Population Research Institute, Penn State University.

July 1992-July 1998: Senior Lecturer, Institute of Agriculture, Tribhuvan University, Nepal.

January 1992 - July 1998: Coordinator, Rural Resources Studies Program and Member: Irrigation Management Systems Study Group, IAAS, Rampur, Chitwan, Nepal.

January 1994 - December 1995: Board of Overseas: International Center for Self-Governance, Institute for Contemporary Studies, San Francisco, California, USA.

December 1991 - June 1992: Research Associate; Nepal Irrigation Institutions and Systems;  Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, USA.

March 1990 - May 1991: Field Researcher in Nepal on “Nepal Irrigation Institutions and Systems “; Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis, Indiana University.

September 1989 - March 1990: Graduate Assistant, Sustainable Watershed Development Project, Department of Resource Development/Institute of International Agriculture, MSU, East Lansing.

March - June 1989: Graduate Assistant, FAO Global Agricultural Extension Study to prepare comparative study report on General Agricultural Extension Approach, Department of Resource Development, MSU.

March - December 1988: Graduate Assistant, Sustainable International Development to prepare workshop modules, Institute of International Agriculture, MSU.

June 1987 - March 1990: Graduate Assistant, Thoman Fellow Program on Famine, Hunger and Food Security, International Studies and Programs, MSU.

July 1984 – June 1992: Lecturer, Department of Agricultural Economics, IAAS, Rampur, Chitwan.

January 1984 - December 1986: Chairperson: Department of Agricultural Economics, IAAS, Rampur.

June 1980 - June 1984: Lecturer, Rural Development Department, IAAS, Rampur.
January 1980 -August 1982: Chairperson, Rural Development Department, IAAS, Rampur.

August 1975 - June 1980: Assistant Lecturer, Dairy Science, Animal Science Department, IAAS, Rampur.

September 1974 - August 1975: Vocational Ag. Teacher, Bhanu Secondary School, Mangalbare, Illam, Nepal.

Present Research Involvements

Recently completed and ongoing research grants and sponsored projects:

i)                   Ford Foundation Grant on Organizing an international workshop on Planning long term research on Asian Irrigation Systems and Institutions in Transition: Sustainability Implications and synthesizing a book volume on the theme Research Grant from Ford Foundation, New Delhi, India. June 01, 2001 – December 2004. US $ 50,000.00.


ii)                 Research Grant from Mac Arthur (sub-contract from Indiana University) for    International Forestry Resources and Institutions’ Research Center for South and South-East Asia (to support Ph.D. student field expenses, Research Equipment (grant to AIT for additional $ 1,000) and faculty travel support for field research in

Nepal, Bhutan and Thailand (October 2000-December 2002). US $ 13,200 + 1,000. The outcome of this joint research will be a book edited  by Webb, Edward and Ganesh Shivakoti. (Forthcoming). Adaptation and evolution of community based forest management under changing forest policies in Asia.


iii)               Danida-AIT/IWDM Research Grant of US $ 8,250 for conducting research on “Study on the impact of development intervention on livelihood and water resources: perspective of changes in the Galaudu Pokhare watershed, Dhading, Nepal by Ganesh Shivakoti and R. Clemente  for 18 months period (Jan. 2002 to June, 03).

iv)               MacArthur Grant of US $ 230,000 to support a research project on “Development, Land Use Change, and Forest Conservation in Tua Thien Hue Province, Vietnam”, Edward Webb and Ganesh Shivakoti (Co-investigators) June 2003-December 2006.

v)                 Pond Dynamics/Aquaculture Collaborative Research Support Program (PD/CRSP), USAID of US $ 30,000 to support a research on “Study on Constraints of Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) Production in Bangladesh.” By Ganesh Shivakoti and Amrit Bart June 2003-April 2004. 

vi)               Government of Hong Kong Grant to University of Hong Kong of US $ 110,000 for initiating “Asian Irrigation Institutions and Systems (AIIS) Dynamics study and Database Management” Wai Fung Lam and Ganesh Shivakoti (co-investigators) Lam team leader for Taiwan study, Shivakoti team leader for Thailand study; and, Lam and Shivakoti jointly responsible for Nepal study.  September 2003-Decmber 2006.

vii)             Ford Foundation Grant to Andalas University; Indonesia of US $ 180,000 for “Professional enhancement and curriculum development to strengthen its new Master’s degree program in integrated natural resources management and development.” Shivakoti—AIT contact person and Program Coordinator   (a sub-contract of US $ 50,000 to AIT for doctoral training program of Andalas faculty and support for AIT faculty to teach graduate level courses at Andalas). August 2003 – December 2006.

viii)           Ford Foundation Grant to AIT ($ 100,000) and Andalas University (125,000); Indonesia of US $ 225,000 for “Collaboration in Integrated Natural Resource Management in Indonesia: Decentralization, Local people and Resources” Shivakoti—AIT contact person and Program Coordinator   (a sub-contract of US $ 100,000 to AIT for five doctoral training program of Andalas faculty and three best Masters graduates in INRM from Andalas). February 2005 – December 2008.


Training courses, seminars, workshops organized

Training Courses organized (12):

(a)              Training Director for the Training Course on “Sustainable On-Fram and Soil Quality Management.” June 18-26, 2000 for 8 participants from Ministry of Mahaweli Development, Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka organized at AIT. US $ 13,500.00

(b)              Training Director for the training and visit program of 19 Professors and County Extension Directors of Michigan State University, USA on “Agricultural and Rural Development: Approaches and Strategies in Thailand.” November 02-17, 2001. US $ 13,200.

(c)               Training Coordinator for the Training Course on “Participatory Irrigation Management: Training cum Observation Tour of Thailand and Malaysia” for 16 senior technicians and Ministry officials from Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB). 01-16 February, 2002. (US $ 36,368.00)

(d)              Training Coordinator for the Training Course on “Participatory Irrigation Management: Training cum Observation Tour of Thailand and Malaysia” for 16 senior agricultural officers and senior engineers from BWDB. 01-16 March, 2002. (US $ 36,368.00)

(e)              Training Coordinator for the “Michigan State University Abroad Program” for 7 participants on Agricultural and Environmental Pollution and Waste Management in Thailand during 05/05/2002 – 21/05/2002. (US $ 6,000).

(f)               Training cum Study Tour Coordinator for 8 senior officials of the Forest Department, Government of Sri Lanka on “Integrated Forest Resource Management Planning and Eco-tourism” September 29-October 10, 2002. (US $ 11,000).

(g)              Course Coordinator for 7 students from Michigan State University Study Abroad Program in Thailand January 12-April 04, 2003. (US $ 25,000)

(h)              Course Coordinator for 11 students from Michigan State University Study Abroad Program in Thailand January 12-April 04, 2004. (US $ 29,600)

(i)                 Course Coordinator for 6 students from Michigan State University Study Abroad Program in Thailand January 12-April 09, 2005. (US $ 12,500)

(j)                Course Coordinator for 15 students from Michigan State University Study Abroad Program in Thailand May 15-June 18, 2005. (US $ 14,500).

(k)              Course Coordinator for 10 Masters students of Graduate School of Governance from SungKyunKwan University, South Korea for Training cum Internship on “Asian Governance and Leadership Training and Internship.” April 17-May 08, 2005. (US $ 21,500) and January 28-February 24, 2006 (US $ 22,000) 

(l)                 Course Coordinator for 6 students from Michigan State University Study Abroad Program in Thailand January 12-April 09, 2006. (US $ 16,500)


Major Workshops/seminars/panels organized (5)

(a)              Coordinator: International Workshop on “From Farmers’ Fields to Data Fields and Back:        A Synthesis of Participatory Systems for Irrigation and Other Resources.” The    proceedings has been published  (Sowerwine, Shivakoti et al. eds. 1994) jointly with         IIMI-Colombo and IAAS-Tribhuvan University.

(b)              Coordinator: International Workshop on “People and Participation in Sustainable          Development: Understanding the Dynamics of Natural Resources Systems.” At the     

Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science, Tribhuvan University in Nepal during 17-21 March, 1996. The proceedings has been published (Shivakoti et al. 1997) jointly with Indiana University’s Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis, Tribhuvan University IAAS, FAO-FARM, and Winrock International.

(c)               Coordinator: International Workshop on Integrated Watershed Development and        Management Planning at AIT, (August 7-8, 2000) There were a total of 40 participants         from 8 countries and various regional and international organizations: The proceedings of       the conference is published by AIT as a peer-reviewed book edited by Thapa, Shivakoti et        al. 2001 June published).

(d)              Panel Coordinator: “Asian Irrigation Systems in Transition” at the Biannual meeting of the International Association for the Study of Common Property held at Indiana   University, Bloomington, USA May 30 – June 4, 2000.

(e)              Coordinator for the Workshop on “Asian Irrigation in Transition-Responding to

Challenges” held at AIT, Bangkok 22-23 April, 2002. Papers from the workshop have been edited, volume introduced and synthesized and published jointly by Sage-India jointly with AIT/IWMI/Workshop-Indiana University during 2005.

Research Interests


Doctoral Research Supervision

Masters/Ph.D. Student Theses Supervision (at AIT):

Chair of Doctoral  Guidance Committee :12 graduated and 10 ongoing

Co-chair of Doctoral Guidance Committee: 1 graduated and 1 ongoing

Chair person of Masters Theses committee: 52 graduated and 6 ongoing

Member of Masters Guidance Committee: 47 graduated and 5 ongoing

Member of Doctoral Guidance Committee: 6 graduated and 7 ongoing.


Guidance Committee Chair for recently completed Doctoral Dissertation Research:

1.      Suyanto, Agus. 2000. “Potential of Entomopathogenic Nematodes for Controlling Lepidopterous Crucifer Peat Complex in Indonesia.” D.Tech.Sc.Dissertation. (Graduated in August 2000). External Examiner: Professor Tan Keng Hong.

2.      Thapa, Surendra. 2001. “Changing Context and Farming Systems Adjustment in the Mountain Watershed of Nepal: Policy and Planning Implications” D.Tech. Sc. dissertation, AIT. (Graduated in April 2001). External Examiner: Professor George H. Axinn.

3.      Somboonsuke, Buncha.2002. “Farming System Adjustment of Small-Holding Rubber-Based Farms in Thailand.” D.Tech.Sc Agricultural Systems FoS. External Examiner—Professor Richard Bernsten.

4.      Gautam, Ambika. 2002. Forest Land Use Dynamics and Community-based Institutions in a Mountain Watershed in Nepal: Implications for Forest Governance and Management. IWDM/NRM Doctoral Program. External Examiner; Professor Elinor Ostrom.

5.      Majumder, Jiban R.  2002. “Impact of State Intervention on Innovative Performance of Agriculture: A Crop Diversification Program in Bangladesh.” Agricultural Systems Doctoral Program. External examiner: Professor Murari Suvedi.

6.      Dendi, Astia. 2003. “Interventions and Development Strategy for Sustainable Transformation of Upland Agricultural Systems in West Sumatra, Indonesia.” IWDM/AS Doctoral Program (External examiner: Professor Murari Suvedi.

7.      Shrestha, S.G. 2004. “Irrigation System Performance Indicators in Relation to Farm Livelihoods in Chitwan, Nepal.” Agricultural Systems Doctoral Program . External Examiner: Dr. Ganesh P. Rauniyar, Massey University, New Zealand.

8.      Kijtewachakul, N. 2004. “Institutional arrangement for Community-based Upland Natural Resource Management: A Case Study of Sopsai Sub-Watershed, Nan Province, Northern Thailand.” IWDM/AS Doctoral Program. External examiner: Professor Don Messerschmidt.

9.      Anuchiracheeva, Supaporn. 2004 “Right-based Coastal Fisheries Co-Management in Thailand.” Integrated Tropical Coastal Zone Management Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program. External Examiner: Professor Kenneth Ruddle.

10.  Ms. Tatsanne Muangkaew. 2006.Evolution of Rice-based farming System in      Central Plains of Thailand.” AS FoS. External Examiner: Professor Richard Bernsten.

11.  Ms. Sharon B. Singzon. 2006. “Crop-Livestock Integration: Determinants of Limitations and Suitability in Lamphra Phloeng Watershed, Thailand.” AS/IWDM FoS. External Examiner: Professor George H. Axinn.

12.  Md. Arif Chowdhury. 2006. “The sustainability assessment of shrimp farming: a case study on present culture systems in Bangladesh.” ITCZM specialization. External examiner: Professor Klaus Seeland.

Guidance Committee Chair for the  Ongoing Doctoral Dissertation Research:

13.     Mr. Kumnermanee, Sudchai. “Land suitability classification for cassava in multi-scale alcohol plant using geographic information system (GIS) and remote sensing (RS) in Thailand.” NRM FoS.

14.     Mr. Yonariza. “Resource Tenure Issues in West Sumatra, Indonesia.” (Ford Grant recipient under Andalas-AIT cooperation in assisting Andalas to start Masters program and capacity building in NRM) NRM FoS.

15.     Mr. Ram Chandra Bastakoti. “Institutional Robustness and Dynamics of Irrigation Systems in Nepal and Thailand .”  (Recipient of the Government of Hong Kong Graduate assistantship under joint collaboration of Univ of Hong Kong and AIT). NRM FoS.

16.     Mr. Eris Achayar: “Environmental Impacts of Forest Fire Protection in West Sumatra, Indonesia.” NRM FoS

17.     Ms. Jenjira Kaewrat. “Conflict Management in Shrimp Farming in the coastal zones of Thailand ITCZM specialization.

18.     Ms. Juthathip Chalermphol. “Performance Evaluation of Participatory Research-extension-farmer linkages in vegetable farming in Chiang Mai, Thailand.” AS FoS.

19.     Enrizal Ridwan: Livelihood, Institutions and Economic Changes: A Study of Involuntary Resettlement at Kato Panjang Dam Project – Indonesia.

20.     Malasri Khumsri. Co-management and Decentralization of Inland Fisheries Resources in Thailand for Sustainable Fisheries Management.

21.     Mahdi. Understanding Management of Water Use Conflicts at Local Level in Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia.

22.     Arpaphan Pattanapant. Prospects of Organic Farming in Northern Thailand: Analysis from Institutional and Organizational Support and Services Perspectives.  

External Examiner for Masters and Doctoral Dissertation

1.      Khanal, Puspa Raj.  2003. “Engineering Participation: The Process and Outcomes of Irrigation Management Transfer in the Terai of Nepal.” Wageningen University, The Netherlands. Promoter: Professor Linden F. Vincent. April 2003. Doctoral Dissertation.

2.      Patcharasorn Karatna. 2005. “Analysis of a Common Pool Resource: A Case Study of the Canal System in Nonthaburi Province, Thailand.” University of South Australia. Masters Research Thesis.


Selected Publications

Journal Articles:  (46)

Shivakoti Ganesh P. and R.C. Bastakoti . 2006 . “The robustness of Montane Irrigation Systems of Thailand in a dynamic human-water resources interface.” Journal of Institutional Economics.  2(2):227-247.


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1969-74: USAID Participant Scholarship, B.S. in Agriculture
1977-79: USAID Participant Scholarship, M.S. in Agricultural Economics
1982-83: Netherlands Government International Student Scholarship: Diploma in Teacher Training in Agriculture
1991-92: Ford Foundation Pre-Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship (Michigan State University) and Post-Doctoral Fellowship (Indiana University) for carrying irrigation institutions and policy related research..
1994: King Mahendra Literary Award: Grade “A”. 
Member: Nepal Agricultural Association: 1975 - to date.
Member: Indian Society of Agricultural Economics: 1977-1987.
Member: International Association for the Study of Common Property Resources: 1991 - to date.
Member: International Water Resources Association: 2002-to date
Member: Population Association of America: 1995 - to date.
Member: South Asia Network on Development and Environment Economics (SANDEE)
Member: South-East Asia Network on Sustainable Upland Natural Resources Management (SANREM).


Major Consulting Services

i.        to RCUP/USAID/SECID for Economic Analysis of the Resource Conservation and Utilization Project (RCUP) for Agronomy, Horticulture and Irrigation activities. 1984-85.

ii.       to IAAS-II/USAID/USU for Follow-up Study of B.Sc. Graduates of Institute  of Agriculture and Animal Science, Rampur, Nepal. 1986.

iii.       to HMG/FAO for analyzing and writing three Cluster Reports (Nipane, Sindhuli; Bishnupura, Rupandehi; and, Phalawang, Sallyan)  on National Farm Management Study of His Majesty’s Government of Nepal, 1985.

iv.      to USAID/Associates in Rural Development, Vermont/Irrigation Management Center of Nepal for preparing research proposal on “Public Intervention in Farmer Managed Irrigation Systems in Nepal”. August 1989.

v.       to IIMI as an Institutional/Organizational Management Specialist for conducting field study and writing report on “Process and Performance Evaluation of ADB/N Supported Irrigation Schemes.” July-September, 1990.

vi.      to International Fund for Agricultural Development(IFAD) as Institutional/Rural Poverty Specialist for preparing Nepal Poverty Profile and identification of Target Group on “Nepal: Farmer-Managed Small Scale Irrigation Projects.”  November-December, 1990.

vii.      to International Irrigation Management Institute as Institutional Specialist to develop Database Instrument on Irrigators’ Organization. Manila: October, 1992 and Colombo: November, 1992.

viii.     to International Irrigation Management Institute for preparing research report on Support Services for Farmer Managed Irrigation System in Nepal. July-August, 1993 and December, 1993.

ix.                to FAO for preparing Agricultural Extension Strategy Document for Nepal, November-December, 1993 and February-March 1994.

x.                  to CARE Nepal for Final Evaluation of the Small Farmers Irrigation and Community Project, Rapti CARE Nepal/Agricultural Development Bank of Nepal. December, 1994 - January, 1995.

xi.                to UNDP/Nepal for preparing Program Document for “Programme to Assist Hill Agriculture Diversification (PAHAD)” as Organizational and Marketing Specialist. April-July, 1998.

xii.               To the ESCAP/UNEP: Drafting Background paper for ESCAP Region Ministerial Conference on Implementation of Agenda 21 and the Regional Action Programme 1996-2000. October 15-December 15, 1999.

xiii.             To the Government of Lao, Ministry of Agriculture Capacity-building Project: 2001. Resource person of Training on Integrated Watershed Development and Management for the senior Ministry Officials.

xiv.            To the UNOPS/New York and ECO Secretariat, Tehran, Iran: Consultancy services on drafting Concept paper on ECO Regional Cooperation in Food Security (Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan) April – September 2001.

xv.              To the Food and Agricultural Organization Regional Office for the Asia-Pacific, Bangkok of the UN as a consultant –discussant on paper “New Institutions for Agricultural and Rural Development in the Asia-Pacific Region” by P.M. Villegas for publication in the volume on Current Emerging Issues for Economic Analysis and Policy Research (CUREMIS-II). May 30-31, 2002.

xvi.            To USAID/Associates in Rural Development, Inc.,/National University of East Timor:Land Law Program-2 on “Assessment of Agricultural socio-economic survey, benefit-cost analysis of agricultural projects and land economics training needs for the Agriculture and Economics Faculty at National University of East Timor.” December 12, 2004-January 31, 2005.

xvii.          To USAID/Associates in Rural Development, Inc.,/National University of East Timor:Land Law Program-2 worked as the resource person for training on  “Methods of land valuation and  rent; and on the issues related to land expropriation, title restitution, and zoning.” April 6-19, 2005 and June 18-July 10, 2005.