School of Engineering and Technology, (SET)

This course explores the organizational management concepts applied in managing a construction firm and project. The course is divided into three modules: (i) Strategic Planning in Construction Firms, (ii) Organizational Management in construction Projects and (iii) Team and Leadership Development. Upon completion of this course, students will have the knowledge to analyze and solve problems related with organizational management issues in construction firms and projects.

Strategic Planning, Project Management Maturity, Organizational Culture, Project Organization, Team and Leadership development.


I  Organizational Development Strategy for Construction Organizations

1. Strategy Planning, Formulation and Implementation
2. Organizational Structures for construction firms and projects
3. Project Management Maturity  Integrating Project Management in other management systems in Project-Based Organizations
4. Organizational culture in construction organizations

II  Human Resources for Construction Organizations

1. Human Resources planning
2. Human Resources Development
3. Salary Structures
4. Appraisal System


III  Team and Leadership Development for Construction Project Management

1. Dynamics of Behaviour in Construction Organizations
2. Leadership Development
3. Motivating Construction Team
4. Managing a Joint-Venture Project


Lecture notes, chapters from the reference books below and relevant journal articles.

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Construction Management and Economics

Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management

International Journal of Project Management

Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, ASCE

The grading system may change (without prior notice).  The Instructor will inform the grading system in the first day of the class