School of Engineering and Technology, (SET)

Project planning management is considered as a critical project success factor. Organizations introducing new strategic initiatives require effective project planning management. This course explains theories and practices of the planning and scheduling techniques applicable to the construction industry and introduces advanced planning tools.

Translation of organizational objectives to project development, planning/scheduling and progress control of project operations, logical framework techniques, network diagramming techniques, resource scheduling, line-of-balance and simulation techniques, cost/schedule control system criteria (c/scsc), implications of schedule related matters in contract administration, project implementation problems, computer applications, and disputes/claims management.


I  Project Planning and Scheduling

1. Projects in organization
2. Principles of project planning management
3. The role of planning, scheduling, and progress control
4. Processes of project planning, scheduling, and progress control


II  Project Planning Techniques

1. Traditional Scheduling Techniques: bar chart, s-curve, line-of-balance
2. Logical framework techniques
3. Network Scheduling Techniques: CPM and PERT, resource aggregation, levelling, and allocation, the time-cost trade-off approach.
4. Computerization of planning management: 

5. Microsoft project and Primavera Project Planner (P3)


III  Implementation of Project Planning Management

1. Integrated Cost and Schedule Control: earned valued concept, cost/schedule control system criteria, interfacing of cost and accounting codes
2. Analysis and design of planning and control system
3. Disputes and Claims Management: effects of work changes and delays types of delays and delay claims, and determination of the liabilities for delays


Lecture notes and handouts provided by the instructor.
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Construction Management & Economics, ASCE, Engineering Construction and Architectural Management, International Journal of Project Management, Project Management Journal, etc.

The grading system may change (without prior notice).  The Instructor will inform the grading system in the first day of the class