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Large construction projects, such as oil and gas construction project and power-plant project, involved expensive equipments and international stakeholders. For this kinds of projects, safety and health in the project site are of paramount important since failure in work safely may cause unexpected high cost of accidents. This course explores advanced management approach and techniques in managing occupational safety and health in large construction projects. The course is divided into three modules: (i) Safety and Health in Construction, (ii) OSH Management System and (iii) Total Project Safety Culture. Upon completion of the course, students will have the knowledge to manage construction site safety and health, and developing total project safety culture.

Safety, Health, Accident, Occupational Safety and Health, Safety and Health Management System, Accident Prevention Program.


I  Safety and Health in Construction

1. Safety and Accidents in construction projects
2. Theories of accident causation
3. Health and Illness related with construction works
4. Safety Risk Analysis and Control
5. Personal Protective Equipment

II  OSH Management System

1. OSH Management System Framework
2. OSH Policy, Planning and Procedure
3. OSH Monitoring and Audit
4. OSH Performance Measurement
5. OSH Approach to Manage Subcontractors


III  Safety Culture Development

1. Characteristics of Effective Safety Culture
2. Management Aspects of an Effective Safety Culture
3. Safety and Health Programs that support safety culture
4. Measuring Safety Culture


Lecture notes, chapters from the reference books below and relevant journal articles.

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International Journal of Project Management
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Case study and assignment 40%
Mid Semester 20%
Final Exam 40%

H Prof. Bonaventura H.W. Hadikusumo
M Prof. Bonaventura H.W. Hadikusumo
Y Prof. Bonaventura H.W. Hadikusumo
A Prof. Bonaventura H.W. Hadikusumo
C Prof. Bonaventura H.W. Hadikusumo