School of Engineering and Technology, (SET)

Project manager must have the skills to communicate effectively and negotiate with the project team, project client, supplier and subcontractors. This course will train the students to be able to understand how to effectively manage communication in a construction organization and project and how to manage project documentation (as a communication tool) in different project phases.. In addition, important concepts of negotiation, such as value exchange, zone of possible agreement, Best Alternative to No-Agreement (BATNA), and their applications to construction industry are discussed.

Communication, documentation, negotiation, BATNA, ZOPA, value exchange.


 I.      Managing Communication in Projects
1.     Group communication
2.     Communication networks
3.     Organizational communication
4.     Managing meeting
5.     Communication in managing conflicts
6.     Case study on communication management
II.    Construction Project Documentation Management and Technology
1.     Project Documentation Management
2.     Documentation in project phases (initialing, planning, executing, controlling and closing out)
3.     Project Communication Technology and Media
4.     Case study on project documentation

III.   Negotiation in Construction Projects
1.     Negotiation key concepts: BATNA, Reservation Price, ZOPA and Value exchange
2.     Negotiation Preparation and Tactics
3.     Structure and Sequence of a Negotiation
4.     Barriers and Errors in Negotiation
5.     Negotiation as an organizational competence
6.     Case study and role play

Lecture notes, chapters from the reference books below and relevant journal articles.

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The grading system may change (without prior notice).  The Instructor will inform the grading system in the first day of the class