School of Engineering and Technology, (SET)

The purpose of this module is to develop students skills in managing construction project management and construction business. Students will use a construction business and project simulation software to apply the management and project management knowledge that has been learned in the previous courses.

Project Management, construction, business, simulation

with Consent from the instructor

1. Introduction of construction business and project simulation software

2. Understanding factors affecting business and project management in this simulation

3. Understanding performance indicators used in this simulation

4. Construction Business and Project Simulation


AROUSAL Simulation manual

Naoum, Shamil (2001): People and Organizational Management in Construction, 1st Edition, London: Thomas Telford.

Harris, F. and McCaffer, R. (2001): Modern Construction Management, 5th Edition. London: Blackwell.

Construction Management and Economics
Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management
International Journal of Project Management
Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, ASCE

Case Study & Assignments : 100%

*this course will be offered if there is minimum of 10 students.